Decisions. . . decisions. . . decisions!

Tips For Good Decision Making – Get relaxed, be positive, be confident, be present, be focused on the task. Making a good decision requires us to identify the real goal.

DecisionsDecision making skills are critical to personal and professional success. All to often we make important decisions based on emotions, like frustration and fear, or on wishes and desires. These decisions have great potential to backfire, or not produce the desired results. Truly effective decision-making takes time – it is a process that calls for us to look at the situation or problem with a clear perspective and accurate information. Don’t be timid about taking time to engage in the process before making that important choice.

Once we have identified the real goal for our decision, we need to determine the objectives that will support that goal. If we know what the goal is, and we are clear on what objectives must be met to reach that goal, we can now look for alternatives. This is where the decision-making process really begins!

There are so many tools at our disposal for decision-making, from easy simple ones, to more in-depth skilled ones. A simple pro and con list is a great way to break down options. Helping us to set aside some of the emotional stress that problems can stir up, a pro/con list for each alternative will allow us to look at the alternatives in an objective way. It will clarify potential consequences and open our eyes to benefits we had not yet considered.

A more complex tool is to create consequence models and weighted scoring tables – while this tool sounds like a sophisticated statistics or mathematical model, it really isn’t at all – it just has to be learned! There is a very clear set of steps involved and the results provide clear indicators of the most reasonable alternative for a given situation.

If all of that sounds like a lot more work than you have to spend on analyzing the alternatives and objectives for the decision at hand, then at the very least take some time to sit in a quiet spot and really think about the alternatives.  What are the alternative solutions to the situation? What does each alternative has to offer, both in regards to consequences and benefits.

Breath deeply. . .relax.

Be confident in your ability.

Be present . . .focus on the goal.



A great customer, and wonderful human being, shared this quote with me many years ago and it spoke to me then, as it does still today.  I came across the small, well worn note while cleaning out some papers this week and decided to share it with you.


Introspection . . .

Invites insight,



When we explore our inner landscape,

Our dreams blossom with promise,

Our spirits soar with possibility,

And the potential

Intrinsic to each of us

Takes shape.

When we journey inward,

We honor the most unique aspects

Of who we are ~

And discover the depth

And beauty

Of what we can become.

~ Unknown Author

We often find ourselves  in a place where our lives have taken a direction that we didn’t expect, and that we did not desire.  It is in these moments that the process of looking deeply inward can reveal to us the elemental core of the person we chose to be.  How we  respond to the monumental challenge we must overcome, the paralyzing fear that we must face, or the overwhelming grace that we have received is what defines our depth and beauty.  This reflection has guided me over the years, to look deeply into my “inner landscape” ~ to search the shadowy dark places, and to revel in the brilliant light of the open spaces.  It can be a daunting, and sometimes frightening thing, to seek oneself so deeply, but the treasures that this journey brings are of incomprehensible value to those brave enough to find themselves in this place.

So you may be wondering. . . what does this have to do with business consulting and  coaching? That answer depends on where you are in your journey.  For those individuals who find themselves in unexpected places in their business or career, on a path they did not choose , this process of introspection has the potential to clear a path, to reveal unconsidered possibilities, and dreams that were previously beyond imagination.

Having walked that path, having felt loss. . . and lost. . . I  can say confidently that we create our own reality by how we see, not only ourselves, but the world.

Seek to grow, seek to learn, seek to create.


Inspiration. . . .where do you find yours?

Inspiration. . . .where do you find yours?

These wild roses grow on the north west corner of our hundred year old barn. This simple and short lived bloom inspires me each year when it blooms. With its’ delicate fragrance, and delicious pink hue, it has a powerful presence. . . then it is gone. Somehow this inspires me to make every moment count. 🙂

Balancing Beauty


Welcome to this first blog entry! We will begin this new adventure together as I share my thoughts and reflections regarding flowers, business, creativity, and balancing life as a florist. We are an eclectic collection of individual’s – each with our own unique perceptions and interpretations of our craft, and the world in which we practice that craft. It is my hope that you will find some small morsel of inspiration, or insight, from what you read here.

We enter a new year, full of expectations, some positive and uplifting, others. . . well. . . life can seem overwhelming at times.  Our industry, like so many others, faces challenging times of change and transition where we must look with discerning eyes at what we are doing. Each of us must look at what consumes our days, which tasks and triumphs fill our hours each week.  The floral industry, by the nature of our primary medium, is temporal, changing rapidly, and in need of consistent care, We each devote long hours and much effort to contribute, in one way or another, to bringing the beauty of flowers to everyday life. As much as we love our industry, the demands can at times become overwhelming. It is during these moments that we can begin to loose our balance, Many years ago a mentor of mine told me “When you no longer notice the fragrance of the flowers when you enter the room, it’s time to walk away”  and I never forgotten that bit of advice.

It is balance that allows us to notice the fragrance of the flowers, to see the beauty of their form, to feel the joy erupting up within us as we see an open garden rose, or the first lily-of-the-valley each spring. Yet we often forget to make balance a priority.  

Balancing life in floral industry can be a challenge. whether it is the daily hustle and bustle of a busy shop, the seemingly endless paperwork, or the long days on the road traveling to and shows and appointments. We postpone our workouts, we eat food that is quick and unhealthy -if we eat regular meals at all! For some of us it is putting off family time, or taking care of things at home.  We forget that the balance of body, mind, and spirit is critical to our ability to be our very best, let’s face it. . . .determination can only carry us so far. . .eventually we fall over it we don’t have balance in our lives. 

We don’t do it intentionally, for most it sneaks up on them. Don’t get caught by surprise! Take time regularly to look at your calendar, and schedule time for the activities that help you maintain your balance.  Remember . . . body. . .mind. . . and Spirit, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Peace & Joy to you!

Laura Parker AIFD CF






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